Winning Bizness is an analytical news website which is totally dedicated to the successful entrepreneur. Mainly focusing on the success story of businesses that have made a name for themselves in the market, and the story of people behind the success of their business. We believe that successful business is a combination of winning Ideas, dedication in their work the sacrifices that entrepreneurs have made to see their brand and their company touch the sky.

We do not believe in size, yes, no matter how large or how small an organisation might be it’s all about winning ideas, a dream of being big, which when dedicatedly pursued on can make one really big! Our endeavour is to show new start – ups an insight on the success story of entrepreneurs who started out small but just because of mere consistency, winning ideas and many more sacrifices they stand tall in today’s market.

Our main focus is to showcase India an entrepreneurial hub. If you are an entrepreneur and searching for insights, then Winning Bizness is the right place to get such ideas, lessons, etc. it is where we publish entrepreneurial stories, interviews with entrepreneurs on in the websites which one can read, watch and be inspired!

Winning Bizness is also where one can stay updated with the current news in the market, of the economy, different industrial sectors, tech news and many others.

Winning Bizness was founded by Job Cornelius, who is the Chief Editor and Publisher.